Just a few kilometers past the Swiss border, the picturesque village of Cannobio awaits on Lake Maggiore. From the moment you arrive via the impressive coastal road, you can sense the authentic Italy. Even though Cannobio has just under 6,000 residents, it captivates with its scenic location at the delta of the Cannobina River. The pleasantly warm climate and gentle breeze invite visitors to linger on the broad promenade, where one can fully savor the Italian way of life and the country's culinary delights. During the summer, Cannobio buzzes with musicians and street performers, while it returns to its tranquil, authentic fishing village ambiance in late autumn - a must-visit for every lover of Italy.

Cannobio's waterfront is a highlight of Lake Maggiore with its lively cafes, restaurants, and the stunning view of the lake framed by mountains. The colorful houses and the famous weekly market, which even takes place in the rain, shape the scene. Despite the summer hustle, the public beach offers relaxation and is complemented by a water park for children. The excellent water quality is confirmed by the blue flag.

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