Golden Eye Bungee Jump

The 220-meter high dam at the entrance of the Verzasca Valley in Vogorno is one of the world's tallest dams and is a significant power source for the Ticino region and southern Switzerland.

The dam gained fame in 1995 due to the opening scene of James Bond's "Goldeneye". In this scene, the British spy runs across the dam, attaches himself to a rope, and makes a 220-meter deep bungee jump to infiltrate a Russian chemical plant. While the scenario is fictional, the jump is real: A Swiss company offers the world-famous bungee jump from the Verzasca dam daily during summer months - one of the highest bungee jumps globally. Jumps are also possible in the off-season by appointment.

The jump's price, around 200 Francs, might not be cheap, but the experience is unique.

Getting there: 40 minutes by car

Route via Google Maps

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