Maggia Tal

The Maggia Valley, traversed by the Maggia River, extends from Locarno to the north. At the valley entrance, near Locarno, the wide and shallow Maggia invites swimming in the summer. As you move further up the valley, the cliffs become steeper, flanking the Maggia trail. The road leads to Fusio, the starting point for hikes.

From the Maggia Valley, you can reach Centovalli, a densely wooded area with inviting cliffs for hiking. The Centovalli Railway takes you from Locarno to Domodossola, allowing you to enjoy the diverse landscape.

Another valley, Valle Onsernone, is accessible via a well-traveled road. Here, you'll find delightful hiking trails, grottoes, and hidden treasures.

Valle Onsernone is known for its sunny villages on the south slope. It also leads to Val Vergeletto, from where a cable car runs from Zòtt to Salèi. Numerous hiking trails beckon.

In Bignasco in the Maggia Valley, you'll find Punto Verde, a small rustic place offering wines, herb blends, jams, and a unique Valle Maggia pepper.

Travel time: 56 minutes by car

Getting there: 56 minutes by car

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