Skydiving over Lake Maggiore from Locarno-Tenero airport. Small groups of skydivers ascend here using the Paracentro aircraft to a height of up to 5,000 meters.

After a fitness and performance test, you'll receive thorough instruction from the instructor for the tandem jump over Lake Maggiore. Procedures during take-off, jump, mid-air, and landing are explained. The flight offers scenic views: On clear days, you can see Lake Maggiore, Lake Como, Lake Lugano, and majestic mountain ranges. However, the sheer excitement and adrenaline might prevent you from fully soaking in the view.

The airfield is also open to licensed jumpers. Helicopter and airplane sightseeing tours offer an alternative for those who wish to enjoy the view more leisurely from the air.

Getting there: 35 minutes by car

Route via Google Maps

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