Verzasca Tal

The Verzasca Valley is a natural jewel in Ticino, characterized by rugged steep slopes and numerous waterfalls. Typical rustici, gray stone houses with stone slab roofs, define the area. The valley stretches between Leventina and Maggia Valley, north of Lake Maggiore. Gordola leads to the valley entrance. A road runs 25 kilometers from Tenero to Sonogno, a village at the valley's end, known for its fresh stone oven bread.

The Sentierone Valle Verzasca is a marked hiking trail from Tenero to Sonogno. Post buses from Locarno/Tenero enable a stage hike to avoid parking hassles.

The Roman Bridge (Ponte dei Salti) in Lavertezzo offers picturesque bathing spots and impressive rock formations. Divers and tourists enjoy swimming, but caution is needed due to cold water and currents. Cliff jumps are possible but require care.

The Verzasca Valley is a scenic destination for families. The BoBosco hiking trail in Brione offers family fun with a wooden ball track. The trail can be walked in parts or in its entirety and ends in Lavertezzo.

Travel time: 50 minutes by car

Getting there: 50 minutes by car

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